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Guidelines: foodpanda presents - New Features!!

Need training? Wondering how the new feature works? - Have all your questions answered through videos and guidelines near at hand!!

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Introducing Restaurant Portal

Restaurant Portal contains tools to ease operations management and learning guides on how you can advance your business. Learn how to navigate and make use of the various plugins in Portal.

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Introducing Pelican App

Learn how accept-cancel orders and open-close shops with the Pelican app.

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pandago | Managing Orders

Learn how to track, cancel and search an order through these simple steps!

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How to increase restaurant ratings

Ratings and reviews influence the buyer's decision when ordering and placing orders. Here are some quick tips on how to increase your order number and sales with ratings and reviews.

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Introduction to Check - In Feature

Need a reminder to turn the Tab on at the beginning of the schedule? We have a new feature that will help you!!

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Introducing Pick-Up Feature

Now you can expand your business with foodpanda even further!! We have a new feature that will help you!!

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Introduction to OOS feature

Avoid cancelling entire order for a few item's unavailability! We have a new feature that will help you!!

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