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Guidelines: Restaurant Portal Related

Need training? Wondering how the new feature works? - Have all your questions answered through videos and guidelines near at hand!!

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Introduction to Restaurant Portal

Here's our restaurant portal introduction video guide for better learning and understanding to navigate the restaurant portal

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Partner Support via Request Changes

Learn how to get in touch with our Partner Service team to escalate missing outlets and missing invoices, request menu changes for shops or other verticals, as well as submit a general inquiry.

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Update status and menu availability when restaurant is open

Keep your opening hours updated to avoid rejecting orders. Learn how to add, edit and delete your opening hours as well as holidays and special hours

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Growth Tools: pandapicks

Learn how to increase restaurant exposure and menu visits to both new and existing customers with pandapicks!

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Growth Tools: pandaclicks

Learn how to boost your restaurant's visibility within an area, attract more customers and increase sales with pandaclicks!

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Growth Tools: pandabox

Learn how to boost your restaurant's visibility and awareness to new customers with pandabox!

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