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New payout policy - Customer cancelled orders 

Beginning 17th Feb 2021, foodpanda will be sharing this cancellation and wastage cost with the partner restaurants to improve the efficiency of customer retention costs. As such, "wastage sharing cost” will be applied for all COD (Cash on delivery) customer canceled orders where you (partner) have accepted the order in the tablet.

Check-In Feature

"foodpanda BD is excited to introduce the Check-In feature in the Godroid App. This will help you stay online in our platform for your entire schedule duration.

Please check this link to have a better understanding of Check-In."


"foodpanda is excited to bring the VNPS survey to you. This will help us improve our services based on your valuable feedbacks. 

Please check the video link to have a better understanding of VNPS."

GoDroid-Menu Availability Feature

"foodpanda is excited to bring the Menu Availability Feature - in your Go-Droid device. This will help you avoid cancellation related charges and provide excellent customer services!!

Please check the link to have a better understanding of the feature.

Pick-Up Feature

"foodpanda has come up with a pick-up feature; Which will help you grow your business and earnings.

For more information on the feature, please refer to video link"

CRC Campaign - for Restaurants

"Please be informed that foodpanda will be levying Recovery Charges termed as CRC in your bi-weekly invoices.

If your bi-weekly cancellation percentage is >2% then CRC will be Tk50 per order. For more information on the calculation, please refer to video link"

Weekly Payment Day Change

"Please be informed that we are changing the weekly payment day from Tuesday to Wednesday

This means you will get your payment in your bank account or bkash account on Wednesday."

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